Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability

Navigating the SSA disability process can be extremely time consuming, confusing and frustrating. Ever since Elie Halpern started the original firm over 40 years ago, our firm has provided empathetic, respectful and personalized representation, giving our clients peace of mind that their case will be handled thoroughly, with compassion and expertise. At their initial visit, our clients meet personally with an experienced attorney in Olympia or Aberdeen. From the initial phone call to the receipt of benefits, both assistants and attorneys are always available and willing to answer any questions or concerns. At your initial meeting with an attorney a plan will be developed to assist in your case, tailored to your specific facts and situation. Our team will start working on your claim right away to do everything we can to resolve your claim as timely as possible. If warranted by the facts and medical evidence of your case, we may request that Social Security consider awarding benefits in your case without the necessity and wait of a hearing (On The Record Decision).

We handle Social Security and SSI disability cases administratively, including hearings before Administrative Law Judges at the Office of Hearing Operations (AKA ODAR). We also appeal cases to the Appeals Council that have been denied by Administrative Law Judges. In addition, we have an extensive Federal District Court practice involving our own Social Security disability and SSI cases as well as referrals from outside attorneys who do not take SSDI or SSI disability cases to the Federal Court level of appeal. We also associate with other attorneys who have widespread experience in successfully handling cases in Federal District Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If we are ultimately successful in your case, our fee is 25% of any retroactive benefits (back award) you may receive, with a “cap” or maximum fee of $6,000 if you case is resolved initially, at reconsideration, or at an Administrative Law Judge Hearing. If we are not able to secure you benefits, you do not owe our firm a fee for our time in your case, plain and simple.

You likely have many questions concerning the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits as well as the facts of your case. We are hear to help! Please give us a call for a free consultation at (360) 753-8055.







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